Home Is Where The Coffee Is

This place is the same as when I left it 9 years ago. Suburban. Flat. And so ridiculously HOT. It’s the same but yet, completely different. It has the same drab look of manicured lawns and over sized Southlake homes, Colleyville’s friendly neighborhood parks and schools. I get the same quaint feeling when I drive… Continue reading Home Is Where The Coffee Is

Creating Space + Lavender Paper

We all occupy space on this planet. Every. Single. One of us. That may come across somewhat negative, so let me spin it around. As living, breathing, human beings, we are all entitled to our own “space.” Think of each person walking around on earth as a brightly colored piece of paper, floating around and… Continue reading Creating Space + Lavender Paper

Tramps, Jerks, and the Evolution of Meaning

  So, I watch a lot of black and white TV shows and Movies. Probably because it’s familiar since I grew up watching it, but I’ve been watching A LOT since I’ve been back home in Texas this year.  I was obsessed with musicals like My Fair Lady, Singin’ in the Rain and black and… Continue reading Tramps, Jerks, and the Evolution of Meaning