Creating Space + Lavender Paper

We all occupy space on this planet. Every. Single. One of us. That may come across somewhat negative, so let me spin it around. As living, breathing, human beings, we are all entitled to our own “space.” Think of each person walking around on earth as a brightly colored piece of paper, floating around and… Continue reading Creating Space + Lavender Paper

Pausing the Dream

So, apparently the brain doesn’t have just TWO acute stress responses, but THREE: Fight Flight Freeze Did you know this? Ya, me neither. The first couple years in LA were a fluctuation between fight and flight responses with a heavy concentration on flight. I was terrified of executive producers, successful writers and big name talent.… Continue reading Pausing the Dream

Tramps, Jerks, and the Evolution of Meaning

  So, I watch a lot of black and white TV shows and Movies. Probably because it’s familiar since I grew up watching it, but I’ve been watching A LOT since I’ve been back home in Texas this year.  I was obsessed with musicals like My Fair Lady, Singin’ in the Rain and black and… Continue reading Tramps, Jerks, and the Evolution of Meaning

Socially Overcommitted

      “The great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem. So here I am saying “I HAVE A PROBLEM”. His name? FOMO. This summer I have… Continue reading Socially Overcommitted

To My Discouraged Friend

Dear Friend, You are not your job. Let me say that again. YOU are NOT your J.O.B. You are not your pursuit of a career. You are not that directing job, that role, that writer.  You are not your talent. You are more than these things. You are more than the sinking depression and fires of… Continue reading To My Discouraged Friend