Home Is Where The Coffee Is

This place is the same as when I left it 9 years ago. Suburban. Flat. And so ridiculously HOT. It’s the same but yet, completely different. It has the same drab look of manicured lawns and over sized Southlake homes, Colleyville’s friendly neighborhood parks and schools. I get the same quaint feeling when I drive… Continue reading Home Is Where The Coffee Is

Pausing the Dream

So, apparently the brain doesn’t have just TWO acute stress responses, but THREE: Fight Flight Freeze Did you know this? Ya, me neither. The first couple years in LA were a fluctuation between fight and flight responses with a heavy concentration on flight. I was terrified of executive producers, successful writers and big name talent.… Continue reading Pausing the Dream

Look up. Look Past.

Look Past. Look past his face, the fear in his eyes, the smirk that doesn’t align. Look past the tint of her skin and the chip that proudly adorns her shoulder. Look past his age – the wrinkles and all the misconceptions and truths that lie in the folds. The dark secrets beneath his ignorance.… Continue reading Look up. Look Past.