The Pretties vs. The Nasties:

How To Be a Stellar Customer This Christmas Season I’m not bitter about my job. Really, I’m not. I actually quite like it! Even though it’s not what I want to do, my awesomely hilarious coworkers make it worthwhile. Everyone takes care of each other and well,  it’s just all rainbows and unicorns up in… Continue reading The Pretties vs. The Nasties:

This Blog.

  Hey Y’all. I’m Alyson. I’m an unemployed, single 23-year-old gal living in a city that’s too big, paying  rent that’s too much and still living off my parent’s support.  Yeah,….I know. What gives ME the right to write a blog!? Maybe I should stop now.  …Nah. I’m gonna keep writing because I think SOME… Continue reading This Blog.