Look up. Look Past.

Look Past. Look past his face, the fear in his eyes, the smirk that doesn’t align. Look past the tint of her skin and the chip that proudly adorns her shoulder. Look past his age – the wrinkles and all the misconceptions and truths that lie in the folds. The dark secrets beneath his ignorance.… Continue reading Look up. Look Past.

Painting With Toddlers

I’ve been spending a good portion of my time with an adorable two year old named Viola. She’s seriously the most amazing toddler. I guess I haven’t been around, like, TONS of toddlers, but I’ve been around enough to know why they’re called “The Terrible Twos”. Not Viola, though. She’s anything but terrible. She’s practically… Continue reading Painting With Toddlers

To My Discouraged Friend

Dear Friend, You are not your job. Let me say that again. YOU are NOT your J.O.B. You are not your pursuit of a career. You are not that directing job, that role, that writer.  You are not your talent. You are more than these things. You are more than the sinking depression and fires of… Continue reading To My Discouraged Friend