Look up. Look Past.

imageLook Past.

Look past his face, the fear in his eyes, the smirk that doesn’t align.

Look past the tint of her skin and the chip that proudly adorns her shoulder.

Look past his age – the wrinkles and all the misconceptions and truths that lie in the folds. The dark secrets beneath his ignorance.

Look past her shame. The shame that follows her, that clings to her and pulls her back from a future she used to hope for.

Look past these things and into the heart.

Can you see it?

Can you see it there in his eyes?
Can you see it beating beneath her skin?
Can you see this person deserves more than your assumptions, your market research, your categorical tendencies, your projections?

But you cast your judgement and condemnation anyway.

What will it take to make you see him? Before you acknowledge her?

What will it take before you default to grace?

Does it require a holocaust? A mass genocide? Why are other lives required to remove your blindfold?

You demand a heavy sacrifice. If only you could see the choice is still possible. The decision to love, to choose grace is within reach.

All you have to do is look up.

But will you?

Will you look at the light?

Just look. That’s all.
You touched the light once and let it burn you. It burned you good and now you’re afraid.

Will you look past the walls? Will you disregard those who have wronged you and caused your heart to callous over – to be locked away in a cold dark chamber?

It never sees the sun.
Can’t remember it’s warmth.

What will it take to look past, to look up?
To break free of those chains you’ve allowed the world to wind around you? They are so tight now. The restriction is somehow comfortable, safe. No need for risk. No possibility of rejection.

My brother.

Look up and let the chains fall off. They will shake off your wrists like dust.
You can be freed from that greed.
That need to be seen.
That need to be respected- remembered in the worst possible way.
That deep desire to be feared that fuels it all.

Don’t you remember it? Don’t you remember the light? It’s there, trying desperately to break through.

But you’ve buried the memory.


It’s time to dig it up. Please. We beg of you. Dig up those memories, those scars.

And if you don’t we’ll do it for you. We will not give up. We refuse to lose our identity to the same lies you have buried yourself beneath. We refuse to let the value of life casually drift away because of something you’ve done.

You can not destroy it.

The light is still there.

And if you choose again, once again to refuse it, don’t expect it to disappear.

It will in fact burn brighter than ever.

Will you let it in? Are you even capable? What does it take to pry the blinders from your face?

My brother. My enemy. My friend.

Some bright morning, those sinister glasses will melt away.

Look past your hatred.
Look past and look up.

There is the light. See how you’ve only made it brighter? Made us stronger? How unnerving.

The brilliance will intensify.

So, Stay in your dark chamber, quivering in fear if you like. Listen to an angry orchestra of rattling chains in blackness. Does it sound pleasant to you?

When it stop sounding like music- and it will- just remember to

Look up.

You could rise up and break free.

Look past.

Your default could be grace.


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