One is the Loneliest Bummer

Oh Saturday. The day of friends and freedom.

Started off the day by heating up some day-old coffee because… well I’m out of filters if you must know AND I have this awesome pumpkin spice creamer that is perfection.

Plans for the day? Movie at 2:00, then a nice round of Nertz at my place later that night.

I had some time to kill so I flipped on the Netlfix and started Kronk’s New Groove which was a sad continuation of a truly fabulous animated movie.  Don’t judge, I know you still watch cartoons on Saturday morning. Don’t even play.

Went to see Prisoners with a friend. Super intense, and very disturbing. Like that my-stomach-is-doing-weird-things-and-I-might-puke-all-over-you type of disturbing. Luckily, I kept it together. As soon as the movie was over I did what any normal person does- checked my text messages. None.

“That’s weird. Friend A was supposed to let me know about tonight. Does friend B still have plans? ”

I checked the time. 4:00pm.

“We’ve still got time. They’ll let me know.”

Came home waiting for friends A B & C to update me but….nothing. No texts, no calls. I sent them all a follow up text, even bribing them with cookies.

“It’s only 6. Maybe another episode of New Girl and then I’ll call to see what’s up.”

Welp, the pink sticky note came and went. It was time to check my phone. The suspense! I flipped it over AND….”6:25 Saturday, September 21 . Slide to unlock.” Ok this was starting to get annoying. Where were they? Maybe their phones died.

Made dinner, watched 3 MORE episodes of New Girl. Hey, it’s a REALLY good show.  But when it was over it left me asking “where is MY Nick?”, wallowing in self pity and singing songs of sorrow.

“I’m all alone” could be heard all over the complex.

None of my friends were returning my calls or texts. Apocalypse? I think so.

In my utter state of desperation (which hardly EVER happens. Ever. Really.) I considered my options:

1. Go to a bar by myself where a beautiful man in plaid (Nick?) will approach me with some compliment about my beautiful self. We’ll talk all night. He’ll confess his love for me. Um…ain’t gonna happen.

2. Drive up to Mulholland drive and overlook the city at night to reflect on life. I’ll “meet cute” the man with whom I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life. Also not gonna happen…I’d most likely end up in the trunk of someone’s car.

3. Drive out to the beach and…well…pretty much the same scenario.

4.  Invite myself to the rager my annoying neighbors were having next door. No. Never. THIS is desperation to the max.

I needed a slap in the face.  I was alone on a Saturday night. What of it?

There was a giant mirror propped up on the wall just sitting there mocking my lazy self watching TV and eating the freshly baked “chocolate lovers chocolate chunk cookies”. Did I make them for my friends? Maybe. Maybe not.

Trying to muster what little self-respect was left, I popped in a work out DVD. I stood there in my NON workout clothes for a minute before realizing there was NO WAY I was about to do anything that remotely looked like Pilates.

“Welp, when in desperation, write” I thought. I sat down at my “desk”, aka our kitchen table, barely opened my computer, when my roommate- let’s call her Hannah- finally called. She’d been out all day to this Flutag thing in Long Beach…Red Bull…flying machines…I don’t really understand.

I almost went with them except they left at 7 am on a SATURDAY MORNING So duh, I said no. Actually, it was more like my eyes said no when my alarm went off and I didn’t open them. Does no one understand how much of a morning person I’m NOT? I really love breakfast food, but even that isn’t reason enough to get up before 9 am.

Back to my roommate “Hannah”. So, I hadn’t heard from her like ALL day and I was sending her these annoying texts about how lonely I was and how all my friends dumped me….she puts up with a lot.

She called asking if I could pick up the gang downtown because her friend was very sick. I was NOT stoked about driving downtown – LA traffic is one of my MANY qualms with this city- but her friend was ill and they really needed a hand. I graciously agreed, because let’s face it I REALLY needed an excuse to get out of the apartment. ROAD TRIP! I was so desperate to get out of the house, anything would do. 🙂 Even being a chauffer.

I turned up the tunes and drove down the 101 to pick up the gang. Cruisin’ and wondering to what awesome party all the sleek luxury vehicles surrounding me were headed.

I was approaching the agreed upon place to pick them up when all of a sudden I realized that earlier Hannah said her phone was about to die.

“Oh. No.”

I panicked hoping that I had one of the other’s numbers to contact them. Pulling over, I called Hannah but it went straight to voicemail. I looked up another number. Praise the Lord.

“You have reached the voicemail of…”

NOOOOOOOOO! How? How is this possible? BOTH of their phones are dead?

If this was some extravagant prank to ditch Alyson on a Saturday night, it was epically working. I sat there for a few minutes wondering what to do and trying to see if they had arrived. Nope

I circled the block and still no sign of them. My car phone started ringing from an unidentified number.

“Please be them” I thought.

“Hey Alyson! It’s Hannah. I’m calling from Will’s phone”

Phew! So, I was able to pick them up.  Yay other People!  I’ve never been happier to pick up friends downtown and make a million stops on the way home because our friend really was my-stomach-is-doing-weird-things-and-I-might-puke-all-over-you  type sick. Poor thing.

When Hannah and I got home, we talked way past when we should have gone to bed, like always and I told her of my lonely night and how she and her friends saved me from myself. Oh and how our neighbors probably hate me for singing sad songs so loudly. But for the finale of this crazy crazy day, we watched New Girl TOGETHER. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

So, how is loneliness a blessing? How did God use tonight to the betterment of my character? How did he use it for His Glory? Well I don’t know if I can answer all of those questions but I can try. Here’s what I learned:

1. Morning people are awesome.

2. Technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and we depend on it wayyy too much.

3. I have a new and refreshed appreciation for my awesomely good-natured roommate Hannah who I can live life & laugh with.

4. God made us for companionship. There’s a God sized hole in our hearts because we NEED communion with Him. And as we are made in the image of our creator, we long to be around others, sometimes to the point of desperation. And when (not if) it hits, just sing “I’m all alone” at the top of your lungs until your friends ask you to come pick them up. It worked for me. 😉

-Peace out


One thought on “One is the Loneliest Bummer

  1. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!! Oh, Alyson, you kill me. This KILLED me. I especially like the second mention of the whole my-stomach-is-doing-weird-things-and-I-might-puke-all-over-you type of sick 🙂

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