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Hey Y’all. I’m Alyson. I’m an unemployed, single 23-year-old gal living in a city that’s too big, paying  rent that’s too much and still living off my parent’s support.  Yeah,….I know. What gives ME the right to write a blog!? Maybe I should stop now.

 …Nah. I’m gonna keep writing because I think SOME of you are in the same place that I am. Just maybe.

So life is rough, right? I agree. TOTALLY. But I have some good news. Our failures actually serve a purpose. For instance, our mistakes create opportunities to learn! But, our failures serve a bigger purpose than just self-improvement. They are actually a platform for God’s greatness. And THAT is what this blog is about. 

My hope in writing this blog is to make you smile. That it would leave you feeling uplifted about wherever you are in life. That you would know you are not alone. The aim is to rant about life as an early twenty-something, single woman and everything that entails. But the bigger aim is to pile up all the things I’m lacking and point to the guy who makes up for it all. The only way I’m surviving this unfair beautiful life is through Christ. Truth. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Along with a weekly vent about my stuggles and embarrassing situations, I’m gonna share some awesome things that God is doing, and hopefully through my own stories, he’ll reveal how he’s crafting something truly incredible out of your own life.

Stay tuned!




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